Beta Futures was established specifically to provide services to the three community groups that we believe are at the heart of the health, wealth and success of our society. These groups are inextricably linked and their individual success is predicated on the participation of the other.

In order for the economy to be successful, employers need skilled people in their businesses to help drive growth and create new job opportunities. There are a growing number of older people (50+) with skills, knowledge and experience who for a variety of reasons are no longer engaged in the job market.
There is also a significant emphasis on training young people to equip them with the skills and knowledge that employers need in order to drive their businesses.

We at Beta Futures believe that bringing together these three sides of the jigsaw provides a combined win for all!.

As a Social Enterprise company our mission is very clear. We have only one remit and that is to help businesses and people succeed, which will ultimately help to create more job placements in the community.

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