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Business – The Tricky Side!

Tricky yet rewarding stuff, starting and running your own business can be. A quick google search will leave you with endless tips and how to’s on the matter, but we want to know the ugly side of running a business too – straight from the horse’s mouth! Marie Harris, managing director of Beta Futures, who help start-ups is going to answer the questions we’re all really itching to ask:


  1. What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in starting and running your own business?

The biggest challenge was being able to articulate the mission and to develop a brand; we knew what we wanted to achieve but the challenge was how to get it out there.


  1. How did you overcome it?

We definitely made a few mistakes when we first went out to the marketplace, but having the right contacts is key I would say – we were fortunate to have a critical friend who was able to get to the nub of what we were about and help us to stop dressing it up and justifying ourselves.
Secondly, firm belief in what you are doing is crucial to overcoming any challenges. We provide a service which is not a tangible product and it is difficult to take the concept out there – people need to buy into you and trust you, so unless you believe in your cause they won’t either.


  1. What are your coping strategies on the ‘bad days’?

I suppose to go back to basics, and I have to remind myself from time to time why we actually started this business and reflect on how far we’ve moved from my kitchen table to where we are now. You just need to give yourself a pat on the back every now and then, because it really is a roller coaster ride.


  1. Have there been times when you’ve wanted to pack it all in and call it a day?

Yeah, absolutely


  1. What is it that keeps you going in the end?

Belief in the principle of what it is that we’re actually trying to achieve, and positive feedback from customers. And since we are a social enterprise we get feedback from the members of the community also, and knowing that they are benefiting from what we are doing – something as simple as that, makes what we are doing worthwhile!


So, there you have it! An honest insight into the ups and downs of running your own business. Following your dreams isn’t easy work – but as they say, nothing worth having ever is! Want to discuss the possibility of having your passions and ideas formed into reality? Give us a call on 01293 817227 and let’s talk business!

Thinking of Starting a Business? Some Top Tips…

We’ve all had an idea at some point we’ve contemplated turning into a business. It can be a daunting thought to take the first step –  especially if it requires forsaking a secure and paid job.  However, with the right guidance and plenty of ambition it can turn into a great success.

Here are some top tips for starting up a business…

  1. Set goals

It may seem obvious, but first and foremost know your goals. You may have an idea, but a vision of where to take that idea is crucial. Can your idea be turned into a business? And what will the end goal be of that business? Jot down your thoughts as they come so you can start structuring your ideas into a coherent manner and turn them into a definitive concept.

  1. Research

Do your research!  Research as much as you possibly can.  Market research will give you information of how viable your idea is and tell you whether there is demand for your product or service.


  1. Know your target audience

Analyse your market research.  Determine who your audience is and target your marketing to attract that audience, which may relate to age, interest, demographic etc. and will help give your business better direction.

  1. Take your time

Remember that nothing happens overnight. Some of the initial start-up process and research may seem tedious, however the benefits in the long-run will make the business a success. A thorough plan, and well timed start up structure will ensure great results!

What’s next?

If you’re ready to take the plunge, the next stage would be to make a business plan and arrange finances. That’s where we come in! Beta Futures specialises in writing business plans, matching your business objectives to funding criteria and bid writing.

An outstanding business plan will also make the process of allocating funding much easier as it will state start-up costs and highlight long term costs and revenue, this will give possible funders a clear indication of what they will be investing into. Furthermore, as your business grows we can help you with training and resourcing.

Beta Futures will take you through the step by step process from business planning to funding. Contact us and let’s accelerate your growth!