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PR & Marketing Assistant 10-Week Internship


*Applicants must be second year University of Sussex students on the First Generation Scholar programme*


Beta Futures is a social enterprise that aims to help small businesses break down the barriers to growth by removing bureaucracies and creating jobs. We provide business services to the SME market, these include: bid writing, training, business planning and strategy, web hosting and consultancy.

The 50+ Skills Exchange Club is the vehicle by which the company delivers its social mission. Beta Futures’ social mission is to harness the experience, knowledge and skills of older people ensuring that they continue to actively engage within their local communities; thus reducing the risk of social isolation.


  • Maintaining and growing social media platforms
  • Copy writing blogs and press releases
  • Designing marketing and promotional materials
  • Providing administrative support
  • Organising and managing events
  • Representing the company at business meetings and networking events
  • Market research


  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to work on multiple projects at one time
  • Good attention to detail
  • Strong IT skills
  • Creative and organised
  • Office experience
  • An interest in Corporate Social Responsibility and the Third Sector

Subject to the success of the internship, there may be further opportunity for ongoing employment at Beta Futures. This may suit a student hoping to do a Placement Year.

Please contact Molly at molly@betafutures.com  with your CV and Cover Letter.

Deadline for Application: Friday 8th April 2016

Meet our Apprentice, Jason

This week Beta Futures welcomed their brand new Marketing & PR Apprentice, Jason.

Jason will be involved in various aspects of Beta Futures’,  including running their social media platforms, writing press releases and representing the company at networking events.

Jason Shackel on his first day at Beta Futures
Jason Shackel on his first day at Beta Futures


“Since joining Beta futures I have been made to feel welcome amongst their team based in Crawley. Within the first week of working here I have been introduced to the team, attended the 50+ Skills Exchange Club and the Beta Futures’ vision. Before joining I had an idea of what Beta futures did within the community and now I have been able to see this in practise – which is great. Seeing my own ideas materialise and potentially make a difference to the company and the groups Beta Futures are associated with is something I gain a lot of satisfaction from and motivates me to work harder.

I believe Beta futures will be a great opportunity for me to gain an understanding of business along with building my skills from their already established and experienced team. I have been very impressed with the friendliness of everyone here so far and wish to be as useful as possible to them in the future.”


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Meet Molly, our Marketing and PR Intern

In June 2015, Beta Futures welcomed Molly Aldrich – Wincer, a BSc Business Management & Marketing student from the University of Sussex, to the team. Today we will learn more about Molly, the work she’s been doing and the importance of internships for young people.

“I first applied for the position as I am very interested in businesses that have a social cause at the heart of the work that they do. Beta Futures therefore became very appealing to me. As a social enterprise that is passionate about reducing the exclusion of older people in their local communities and society as a whole, I was really keen to learn more and see how I could get on board.

As part of my degree I am required to do a placement year and I was motivated to fill this period with as much experience as possible. I already had experience as a Marketing Assistant within a solicitors firm in Brighton as well as working with various projects within the third sector. This meant I felt confident that I would be able to make a positive difference at the company. I originally applied to work with Beta Futures for a 10 week Marketing & PR internship. Examples of my work so far include developing the business’s marketing strategy, copy writing marketing materials, running Beta Futures’ social media platforms and supporting the team with the running of the 50+ Skills Exchange Club.

Molly with members from Crawley's 50+ Skills Exchange Club
Molly with members from Crawley’s 50+ Skills Exchange Club

The company have offered me a new role that starts in September, involving business development, sales and part supervising the new apprentice. Beta Futures is barely 2 years old and is growing at an impressive rate. This growth has included moving into a bigger office space and employing new staff – which has been really interesting for me to witness and be a part of.

Beta Futures specialises in identifying funding opportunities, writing bids and supporting SMEs’ growth and resourcing for their business. The money generated from these services allow them to run The Club. The 50+ Skills Exchange Club is a community initiative that is a meeting of like-minded people who have a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience which they are willing to pass on to others. In many ways I feel as if I am getting the best of both worlds. Working on something that I am passionate about and also learning more about business management in a practical setting.

My placement year ensures that I will graduate armed with experience that will allow me to pursue my career goals. Everybody knows that young people need experience. But unfortunately, you need experience to get a job and you need a job to gain experience – the vicious cycle that is all too familiar for many youngsters. Organisations that invest in interns are very likely to see real rewards and if they select the right candidate, they may end up staying! It is a long term investment and the benefits may not be immediate, but they will become apparent to the company and the intern in due course. As long as both parties are willing to put in the time and hard work that is required.

My work with Beta Futures is an invaluable opportunity for me and will give me the chance to apply theory that I have learnt from my degree so far and develop my own skillset and experience further.  I am really excited to tackle this new challenge and more importantly I am pleased that I don’t have to leave yet!”



If you are interested in learning more about Beta Futures and The 50+ Skills Exchange Club, drop us an email to marketing@betafutures.com! Or check out our website www.betafutures.com. 

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