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Meet our Apprentice, Jason

This week Beta Futures welcomed their brand new Marketing & PR Apprentice, Jason.

Jason will be involved in various aspects of Beta Futures’,  including running their social media platforms, writing press releases and representing the company at networking events.

Jason Shackel on his first day at Beta Futures
Jason Shackel on his first day at Beta Futures


“Since joining Beta futures I have been made to feel welcome amongst their team based in Crawley. Within the first week of working here I have been introduced to the team, attended the 50+ Skills Exchange Club and the Beta Futures’ vision. Before joining I had an idea of what Beta futures did within the community and now I have been able to see this in practise – which is great. Seeing my own ideas materialise and potentially make a difference to the company and the groups Beta Futures are associated with is something I gain a lot of satisfaction from and motivates me to work harder.

I believe Beta futures will be a great opportunity for me to gain an understanding of business along with building my skills from their already established and experienced team. I have been very impressed with the friendliness of everyone here so far and wish to be as useful as possible to them in the future.”


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