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New Opportunities Create a Beta Future

The government are introducing changes to the way in which Apprenticeships are funded from April 2017.  These changes most certainly can affect and benefit your business and we can show you how.

It is statistically proven that most employers are reluctant to participate regularly in training and workforce development.

From 1st May 2017, you can grasp the opportunities that the changes to Apprenticeships present.
So, what are the changes?

  1. The Apprenticeship Levy comes into force
  2. Apprenticeships have no upper age limit
  3. Apprenticeships are available at all levels from entry level to degree level
  4. If you are a non-levy paying employer (criteria apply) government will pay 90% of the costs (up to a cap).
  5. If you are a levy-paying employer 100% of the cost of delivery can be claimed back.

Securing your organisation’s stability and growth through the development of your people has always made perfect economic sense.  To be given the opportunity to achieve this at 10% of the cost is surely too good an opportunity to miss.

There are only 72 working days left until these changes are introduced.  Beta Futures can help explore all your options; simplify the messages and help put the strategies and processes in place that will maximise the ROI that comes with investing in your greatest asset – your people.

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Will The Apprenticeship Reform and Levy Bring You Beta Business? Our Initial Thoughts…

Apprentices have the potential to develop skills specific to the employers needs and bring with them fresh ideas, and we at Beta Futures have always advocated the advantages of hiring an apprentice and the myriad of benefits they bring with them! We believe the Levy can provide an opportunity to bring together both the theoretical and practical application of skills that businesses require, whilst creating career pathways for talented individuals.

With the Apprenticeship Levy coming into effect as of April 2017, we hope more employers will be able to see ours (and the governments) vision that an apprentice is a valuable asset to an organisation (rather than a liability which can often be the perception amongst some employers). The programme doesn’t trade quality for quantity but instead helps an organisation to develop their workforce in a simple and bureaucracy free manner!

All employers across all sectors will have access to The Levy, allowing improvement in training quality. Because hiring an apprentice is a positive step for businesses, the government has acknowledged that businesses should have control in finding and hiring a candidate, what kind of training they would like and choosing a training provider. Businesses can then pay for the apprentice training through the government funds available. Employers will get out more than they put in by having their levy payments topped up if they chose to invest more in apprenticeships and training.

A lot to take in? Not sure where to begin planning? We’re here to help! Beta Futures Consultancy can help employers create apprenticeship programmes. We tailor our services to exactly what employers want! That being internal training and development programmes specifically mapped against the national apprenticeship standards. Furthermore, we will ensure your business is taking the correct steps to be eligible for government funding.

For those employers in scope for payment of The Levy we can help maximise your return on the investment. For smaller organisations (on less than £3million payroll per year), we will consult with you on developing the skills your organisation needs -because after all, great performance doesn’t depend on size, right? It’s not just about finding you the right apprentice, but we believe in developing your business, training existing staff and breaking down barriers to growth. Recruit, retain, retrain is our mantra for Beta business!

It’s never too soon to start planning ahead. Call us and let’s start discussions today on how we can improve your workforce!