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How to write the perfect CV

We’ve all been sat down with the task of having to write our CV at one point or another. A task, that when it comes around to it, is a lot more difficult than it seems. Your CV after all isn’t just a list of your achievements or experiences, but it’s a two-page opportunity to sell yourself to potential employers.

“Sell myself?!” you ask. Well, yes. At the end of the day you are both an asset and investment to the organisation that hires you, and they ought to rest assured that you will be money well-spent.

“But how do I sell myself?” you say. Fret not, we’ve got some top tips on how to take your CV from one that might be skimmed and binned to one that will make the cut and land you the job. Now, while the ‘perfect’ CV certainly is relative, following these pointers will still boost it up a notch and increase your chances of being hired for that dream job!


  1. Make it compelling

Your CV should leave your interviewer wanting to know more. Think of the sort of questions you would want the interviewer to ask and make sure your CV highlights the points that would probe them to ask more.

  1. Be concise

The ideal CV should be no more than two pages long, with minimal sub sections. Make sure you focus on the primary points you want to get across. Anything overly wordy or lengthy won’t be read, even if it’s packed with impressive information! Get rid of your oldest work experiences or ones that don’t add much oomph to your CV if you’ve been employed at quite a few places

  1. Tailor it to each employer

Tedious, I know. A good way around it is to keep alternative paragraphs and bullet points that you can swap in and out depending on the need. All in all, it shouldn’t take too long as the bulk of information will remain the same, however it could make or break your chances of getting the job!

  1. Give other sources of information

If you’ve made a big impact outside of work – doing projects, volunteer work, clubs etc. make sure to include this. The quirkier the things the better! If you have a blog or website include links to this. The more interested the employer gets in you, the better! Anything extracurricular that makes you stand out is essential.

  1. Sell yourself!

Emphasise your results. Your choice of words is key. Instead of just mentioning, for example, that you ran a company’s social media platforms, say you increased the Twitter following by so and so percent, Facebook by so, and so on. Wherever you’ve done a job that showed results include this! Don’t be shy to boast – this is what will sell you!

Having a stellar CV will catapult you into the realm of ideal candidate. Of course, make your CV as personal as possible but following these general tips will guarantee to improve your chances of catching the employers eye!

If you need help writing a CV contact us on 01293 817227 and together with you, we can tailor the perfect one!



Meet Mike Monk

On 10th September 2015, Beta Futures will be launching our brand new Master Classes.

We thought this week’s blog would be a great opportunity to learn more about Mike Monk, our Sales and Marketing Consultant, from Monk Franchising  who will be running some of the classes.

M Monk profile pictureMike started his career in sales and marketing 38 years ago. He feels that the buzz from securing new business never fades. Aged 15 he knew that he wanted to go into sales. At this young age he worked in an office equipment showroom every Saturday in Brighton.  On his second Saturday he had sold two machines, this confirmed his love of sales and that he was in fact “pretty good at it.”

He then entered the fashion and clothing market, working as an agent for 4 companies in London for 4 years. This lead to Mike being head hunted for a printed T-shirt company. He decided to become an agent as he wasn’t sure about this path. Within a year he became a Sales Director and within 5 years took the company’s turnover from £200k to £6 million, also expanding into Germany, France, Holland and Greece.

Mike then moved to a sourcing company, winning a well-known Golf Competition contract worth 6 figures.

After 2 years with this company, Mike decided to start up his own business. Unfortunately this company failed – the lessons learnt from this were invaluable. “The timing was wrong. It taught me to never completely rely on the banks and that overheads must always be kept under control. Cash flow is critically important too.” The best piece of business advice Mike had ever received (from a multimillionaire) was; “Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity”.

Mike then set up Monk Marketing, 12 years ago, and went on to franchise this a few years later. Monk Marketing works with clients such as Intercontinental Hotels and Costain Construction and recently secured a contract with Intercontinental New York through recommendation from the London hotel.

Mike’s advice to others is that if you’re in business working for yourself, you should enjoy it.

In his spare time he enjoys golf, tennis and soccer. He also likes to go out to eat and socialising, as well as having a BBQ in the sunshine. But most importantly he loves to spend time with his family and claims that his biggest life achievement was having his first child.

Beta Futures is excited to be working with Mike and is looking forward to launching the new Master Classes. Mike is hoping that attendees of the classes will leave the sessions feeling energised and will have gained a new insight into how they can run their business.

If you want to learn more about Beta Futures’ Master Classes and wish to attend the launch, send an email to office@betafutures.com.