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Help Us to Help Others – Our Story

The 50+ Skills Exchange Club is the social vision of Beta Futures. Its aims are to reduce the isolation and exclusion of older people in local communities by providing support, guidance and a hand of friendship through weekly Club meetings and additional social interaction.

We have been running the Club in Redhill and Crawley for a number of years but now we need your help to continue! The Club is valued by members and has had, and continues to have a positive impact on their lives. Here are some of the stories:

Joined the Club due to feeling a bit lonely and rather isolated
As a result of his membership he has now made firm friends
Goes on day trips to Worthing and Brighton
Has an active social life including other clubs
His confidence has been restored
His health and well-being has improved

Joined the Club for social reasons
After a visit from a CAB speaker, showed interest in joining the CAB team
Fellow members encouraged and helped her to have the confidence to apply
Now working as a volunteer admin assistant

Joined the Club having been made redundant
Now in full time employment
He says: “If only more people knew of the importance of what the Club achieves and the marvellous work it produces and the help it gave me and others. You don’t always see on the outside of a person by heck you do on the inside”.

Contrary to popular belief, hitting the age of 50 does not mean that you are passed it, over the hill or that you no longer have a valuable contribution to make to society. That is why we set up the 50+ Skills Exchange Club, as an alternative to existing provision, which everyone is welcome to attend, whatever their motivation. Whether it is to socialise, to learn new skills, to meet new people or get into work/volunteering.

Our primary aim is to reduce the risk of isolation, loneliness and ill health.
Everyone either knows somebody or has a family member that could directly benefit from attending the Club. As we get older our confidence and self-esteem diminishes when events such as: bereavement, redundancy, retirement, empty nest syndrome, declining health and other life changes take hold. This can have a negative impact on mental health and well-being, and you begin to question what it’s all about.

There are times in life when we all feel vulnerable. The older you get the harder it is to ask for help. Please help us to help others like Harry, Heather and Barney, by donating whatever you can on our just-giving page:


We would like to thank you in advance for your support!


Putting Your Best Foot Forward – Walking for Health!

The 50+ Skills Exchange Club has teamed up with Crawley Wellbeing to bring you the ‘Every Step Counts’ Walking for health project!

For 12 weeks starting from the 31st of August 2016, members are welcome to the short walks across Crawley. Not only are they a great way to improve your health, but also fantastic way to meet new people; all whilst enjoying nature and the sites of stunning Crawley!

Physical activity still remains crucial to your health even when your body does not remain as energetic. The weekly walks are an easy way to incorporate a bit of simple fitness into your routine. Not only is walking a proven method to reduce the likelihood of illnesses such as cancer and diabetes, but just as importantly, studies show walking and/or light exercise has a positive impact on one’s mood, reducing feelings of depression and anxiety and for older people in particular it can reduce the risk of developing dementia.

The best part is that the walks are completely free for Club members! Becoming a Club member is also a cost-free and simple process, with just a straightforward registration form that needs completing. The Crawley Club runs every Wednesday morning from 10.30-12.30 at the Civic Hall and registration for the Club can be done there before the 9.30am walks! Members will be back in time for the Club sessions, where they can enjoy a hot drink, socialise with other Club members and participate in the variety of actives that take place and listen to the host of speakers that come along!

With so much to gain and nothing to lose but a few extra pounds, we look forward to walking with you!

If you require more information or would like to register for the Club please do not hesitate to contact us on – 01293 817227.