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What’s in Store for 2017…?

Like everyone else we are super excited for the New Year. With each new year comes the opportunity for growth and prosperity, for both individuals and businesses!

Here at Beta Futures we are particularly looking forward to 2017 as we’ve got lots of exciting stuff lined up. Here’s just a few of the things to keep an eye out for:

  1. Apprenticeship Levy

The apprenticeship levy will be coming into effect as of April 2017, and this is exciting news for Beta Futures. We will be working with businesses to ensure they are making the most of the new standards.
We are, in fact, already working with employers to create new, exciting apprenticeship programmes. We tailor our services to exactly what employers want! First, we will ensure your business is taking the correct steps to be eligible for government funding. For employers in scope for payment of The Levy we can help maximise your return on the investment. For smaller organisations, we will consult with you on developing the skills your organisation needs and help you find the right apprentices and training providers!


  1. Bird FD

Bird FD is a new enterprise formed from the partnership of two acclaimed training providers; Phoneix4Training LLP & ourselves – Beta Futures. Bird Freelance Directory will be the UK’s leading network and portfolio site for skilled and vetted freelancers.

The enterprise will enable you to browse multiple, qualified freelancers based on accreditation, qualifications and skills, all of which will be checked and verified to reduce your recruitment process timings. With Bird, you can be safe in the knowledge that the freelancers you hire are qualified and reputable.
Freelancers will also have the opportunity to access good quality work as often as they like from trustworthy employers and become known in their own field. From the work they find through Bird FD they will be able to build a unique range of skills and experiences, establish an extensive list of contacts and build up a wide-ranging CV.


  1. New Website

A new website for Beta Futures is underway! The new site will be more user friendly, visually appealing and allow you to find the information you are looking for swiftly and with ease. The new homepage will be split into ‘Beta Futures Community’ and ‘Beta Futures Business’, allowing our visitors to go directly to the section they require rather than faffing around through links! If you are a user of our current website and would like to leave any suggestions or feedback for the new site, please email us at marketing@betafutures.com!


  1. Expansion of 50+ Club to Isle of Wight

One of our most important aims in regards to the 50+ Skills Exchange Club is to expand into every region across the UK. The overwhelmingly positive feedback we receive from our current members in the Crawley, Redhill and Horsham Club is evidence that there is a need for this service to be available nationwide. An exciting opportunity has arisen to do just that, with a request from the Isle of Wight to franchise the Club to the tiny island off the Hampshire coast! 2017 will bring about an exciting period of growth and improvement for the Club!

We wish you all a happy, joyful, safe and sound festive period, however you may be celebrating! And we look forward to working with you in 2017!

Feel free to call us anytime on 01293 817227 with any queries.

New Opportunities Create a Beta Future

The government are introducing changes to the way in which Apprenticeships are funded from April 2017.  These changes most certainly can affect and benefit your business and we can show you how.

It is statistically proven that most employers are reluctant to participate regularly in training and workforce development.

From 1st May 2017, you can grasp the opportunities that the changes to Apprenticeships present.
So, what are the changes?

  1. The Apprenticeship Levy comes into force
  2. Apprenticeships have no upper age limit
  3. Apprenticeships are available at all levels from entry level to degree level
  4. If you are a non-levy paying employer (criteria apply) government will pay 90% of the costs (up to a cap).
  5. If you are a levy-paying employer 100% of the cost of delivery can be claimed back.

Securing your organisation’s stability and growth through the development of your people has always made perfect economic sense.  To be given the opportunity to achieve this at 10% of the cost is surely too good an opportunity to miss.

There are only 72 working days left until these changes are introduced.  Beta Futures can help explore all your options; simplify the messages and help put the strategies and processes in place that will maximise the ROI that comes with investing in your greatest asset – your people.

Click here to sign up for your FREE consultation on how this can affect/benefit YOU!