Exhibitions: Reasons why your business should sign up.

Trade shows have many benefits for businesses, whether large or small. They can give your company visibility and establish a presence in your industry. This can be particularly useful if you are a new business. It puts you face to face with potential clients and gives you the opportunity to build relationships.

Trade shows, like most forms of advertising, have a cost. However, when businesses invest in exhibitions and do them effectively they can result in a positive return on investment. In this blog we will be exploring the benefits of exhibitions and why you should sign up.

Direct Feedback & Market Research

Having a stand at an exhibition puts you in front of customers. This dynamic allows for you to ask for direct feedback on products, prices and what they’re looking for in their service provider- it is important that you bring a notebook and pen to take notes. Furthermore, you can check out the competition and your industry as a whole. You can assess your position within your market and may even get inspired! Market research is really important as it ensures you are keeping up with changes and allows for your business to be flexible and competitive.

Expand your Customer Base

Trade shows give you the opportunity to expand your customer base. This is through engaging with members of the public that you may not have originally considered as being your customers or target market. In essence, you break down a barrier that is present when you are trying to make sales from an office. Those who choose to attend the trade show have already decided that they want to make a purchase. They usually have an idea of what they are looking for but are open to the provider as long as they are competitive on price and customer service.

Even if you can’t make a sale on the day. You can obtain details of potential customers who can be added to your database; this means that you have a list of warm leads to use in the near future.


Branding is crucial. Businesses want to establish a reliable and trustworthy reputation both amongst customers and your competitors. Trade shows can aid in building this kind of reputation as businesses and potential clients can see that you have made time to set up a stand and talk to people. Yes, it is about sales and profit. But it also puts your company in an environment which accommodates building relationships.

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