The Chestnut Tree House’s China Trekkers raise over £90k

Marie Harris, Managing Director of Beta Futures, and one of the Chestnut Tree House China Trekkers returned home safe and sound on 18th October. The trek, which was over 5 days,  brought together a vast range of individuals from different backgrounds and walks of life with one common goal  – to raise much needed funds for Chestnut Tree House, the only children’s hospice in Sussex.

The group were presented with the physical challenge of taking on 50km of The Great Wall of China. What really surprised Marie and a number of her fellow trekkers was the incredible emotional journey that accompanied the physical challenge. china trekkers 3

Over the week the bond that the group formed and the support that they gave each other was simply amazing and lifelong friendships have been formed.  Group members faced varying degrees of personal challenge but everyone was rewarded with knowing that they had raised money for an amazing cause and gained a true sense of achievement.

china trekkers 4

The China Trekkers got the opportunity to help with rebuilding part of the Wall. Members of the group brought special and sentimental objects to place under their brick. The group also placed foil hearts and stars in the wall, to symbolise children that are being cared for by the hospice and those who are sadly no longer with us. Group members described this as a very emotional and important moment for the team.

To date, the group collectively raised £93k. To put that figure into context, it costs £6,850 for Chestnut Tree House to provide its services for one day. The amount of money the China Trekkers raised is enough to run the house for almost 2 weeks.

A huge well done to all the China Trekkers from the Beta Futures team thank you to everyone who donated without whom it would not have been possible.

China trekkers group by Tom Cotterill
China Trekkers group by Tom Cotterill




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